Support - Industry

Occupying 38 hectares within the Australian Marine Complex (AMC), the Support Industry Precinct provides serviced land for small to medium-sized suppliers of goods and services to the shipbuilding, defence and resource development industries, with a focus on location, ease of access and affordability.

The close proximity of the Support Industry Precinct to the Maritime Precinct, Fabrication Precinct, and Common User Facility at the AMC provides real opportunities and synergies for companies keen to locate close to major customers.

The Support Industry Precinct is also close to Perth's other heavy industrial zones, with high-wide load roads providing ease of access.

The Precinct is home to some of the world's best design, support and service companies, attracting business to support not only the local maritime, defence and resource sector manufacturing hub at the AMC, but export markets worldwide.

The Precinct has "Approved Industrial Purpose" design guidelines covering a broad range of activities, from paint and plastic extrusion to the manufacture of propellers, and offers a range of lot sizes.