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Precincts Overview

The Australian Marine Complex has been developed to facilitate and enhance the opportunities created by the clustering of industries and is arranged into four adjoining precincts, each with a particular service focus.

The Fabrication Precinct incorporating the Common User Facility provides world-class, multi-purpose facilities for the fabrication, assembly and load-out of pre-assembled units up to 15,000 tonnes for local, national and international projects. The specialist infrastructure makes possible an exciting range of global engineering and manufacturing options.

The Technology Precinct is dedicated to strategic innovation and enterprise within the marine, defence, oil and gas technology and research sectors. The Technology Precinct includes the Central Services Facility and ACEPT Facility.

The Shipbuilding Precinct is Australia’s largest commercial Shipbuilding Precinct and home to all of Australia’s major ship builders. The Precinct supplies over 50 per cent of Australia’s commercial ships and has enabled Western Australia to become a global leader in the construction of high speed lightweight vessels. The Shipbuilding Precinct includes the Marine Support Facility.

The Support Industry Precinct includes leading manufacturing and service companies, dedicated to providing support to the shipbuilding, defence and resource industries and worldwide export markets.