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Shipbuilding & Vessle Repair

Shipbuilding & Vessel Precinct WA

The Maritime Precinct is now an integral part of Western Australia’s shipbuilding, repair and maintenance industry as well as support to offshore construction.

The Australian Marine Complex leads the world in the construction of high speed, lightweight vessels. The shipbuilding industry also excels in building luxury superyachts, tugs, rescue, patrol, fishing, paramilitary and offshore supply vessels for local and export markets.

The Maritime Precinct is approximately 35 hectares in area extending from the Common User Facility in the South to the Recreation Boating Facility in the North. Historically the Shipbuilding Precinct was developed to accommodate a growing shipbuilding industry, and is now home to five primary shipbuilders and many other smaller companies producing vessels in the 15 to 130 metre range.

The shipbuilding and repair industry in Western Australia is worth around $700 million per annum. This comprises approximately $550 million for shipbuilding (primarily lightweight high speed commercial vessels), $50 million per annum for recreational and light commercial boat building and approximately $100 million per annum for repair and maintenance, most of which is military. The shipbuilding sector also directly employs over 2000 people and a further 3000 indirect jobs in the support sector.

The Government of Western Australian has strategically positioned the State to take advantage of significant demand for new vessels and equipment for the maritime market. Establishment of the Maritime Precinct and support facilities is testament to global recognition of Western Australia's shipbuilding prowess and sheer ability in maritime support.

Fast Facts

  • An AMC built ferry holds the world distance record for a commercial passenger vessel, covering 1063 nautical miles in 24 hours at an average speed of 44.29 knots.
  • An AMC 65 metre built catamaran ferry for Oman reached a record speed of of 55.9 knots.
  • The world's largest aluminium vessel at 127 metres in length was built by Austal Ships at the AMC.
  • The AMC is Australia's largest commercial shipbuilding precinct.
  • Western Australia accounts for approximately 50 percent of national shipbuilding production.
  • Western Australia has produced vessels valued in excess of A$4 billion during the last decade.
  • 95 per cent of these vessels were built for export markets.
  • The AMC supplies about 20 per cent of the international market for lightweight, high-speed ferries with vessels range from 15 -130 metres.

To locate within the Shipbuilding Precinct visit the Available Land page.