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Facilities Overview

Facilities & Precincts Overview

The facilities at the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) provide common users with access to the specialised infrastructure and services developed within the AMC.

The Common User Facility (CUF) is a large, sophisticated fabrication and assembly facility that is available to multiple, concurrent users and is part of the Fabrication Precinct.

The CUF includes the world's most technologically advanced floating dock,  self propelled modular transporters to move vessels or infrastructure around the AMC, a deepwater port, specialist load-out wharfs, extensive laydown and assembly areas and several state-of-the-art fabrication halls.

The Marine Support Facility is located within the Shipbuilding Precinct and is an integral part of Western Australia's shipbuilding, ship repair and maintenance industry.

The facility is equipped with extensive dry-berth support infrastructure, including one of Australia’s largest ship-lifts.

The AMC Jakovich Centre is located within the Technology Precinct and provides the facilities and services to encourage strategic collaboration, interaction, innovation and enterprise between precinct tenants, industry specialists, research organisations, education institutions and service companies specialising in the marine, defence and resource sector.

The Australian Centre for Energy and Process Training (ACEPT) Facilty is hosted by South Metropolitan TAFE and is the leading provider of process operations training for the Australian oil and gas, mineral and chemical processing industries.