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Common User Facility

Common User Facility

Common User Facility

The Common User Facility (CUF) is part of the Fabrication Precinct at the Australian Marine Complex (AMC). The CUF is a large, integrated fabrication and assembly facility with extensive load-out wharves that is available to multiple, concurrent users.

Broad Market Focus

The $200 million initial investment in the CUF has been jointly funded by the Federal and WA Governments to assist local industry compete for services to the oil and gas, resources and marine/defence industries. An additional $170 million investment by the WA Government is currently being implemented to extend the range of services available to industry.

Increased Competitiveness

The CUF enhances the ability of local industry to compete for work in the oil and gas, resources, marine and defence industries. Local industry has a very broad range of sophisticated engineering, technology and project management skills and a broad base of skilled labour. The existing local industry capability at the AMC, and the safe and secure working and living environment makes the CUF an ideal site for fabrication, assembly and repair activities.

Safe and Secure

The CUF provides a safe, secure and productive site for fabrication, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and repair activities, as well as excellent load-in and load-out facilities. Parties wishing to use the CUF have very low set-up costs and very competitive lease rates. Subject to availability, they can select the facilities they require and determine the duration of their lease.

Independent Facility Manager

AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd, a private company, has been selected as the facility manager for the CUF. They are responsible for the maintenance of the facility, coordination of parties using the CUF and business development activities. AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd does not manage projects at the CUF.

AMC Management Pty Ltd is contracted to LandCorp, which is the government agency responsible for the overall Australian Marine Complex. It also works closely with the Department of Commerce in terms of new business opportunities and longer term strategies.

Excellent Facilities

The facility includes a dredged, deepwater harbour, a state of the art fabrication hall with 24 hour all-weather access, a ready to use on-site project office, workers amenities, warehouse and 40 hectares of laydown and construction land. It also has three wharves - a load out wharf and marine services wharf with notional capacities of 3,000 and 15,000 tonnes respectively and a newly developed marine maintenance wharf, floating dock, transfer system and distributed services to the laydown and construction areas. In addition there are established engineering and shipbuilding precincts nearby.

Increased capability at the CUF

A $170 million infrastructure upgrade project is now complete at the open access CUF. Key elements of the upgrade include a 99 metre floating dock capable of lifting 12,000 tonne vessels, Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) to allow transfer of large marine vessels and heavy fabricated modules up to 3,500 tonnes from the transfer wharf to anywhere within the AMC.

The floating dock and transfer system further enhance the capabilities of the CUF providing event greater flexibility for all companies to undertake major maintenance, fabrication and assembly projects at this open access facility.

Operating Principles

Common User

The CUF is, as its name suggests a "common user facility". It is not a facility dedicated to one user or even one industry.

Broad Market Focus

The facility services a range of industries including the oil and gas, resources, marine and defence industries.

Multiple Concurrent Projects

The facility is sufficiently large for a number of different projects to be managed concurrently at the facility.

Independent Facility Manager

The facility manager, AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd, simply maintains the facility and coordinates access by other parties. It does not provide project management or a workforce.

Users Manage their own Projects and Workforces

Parties using the facility provide their own management and workforce and accept normal project accountabilities. The facility manager guarantees access to certain facilities for an agreed period but has no responsibility for individual project cost or schedule performance.

Commercial Flexibility

A Schedule of Rates for the AMC-CUF is provided on this website. The facility manager can vary these to attract appropriate projects to the facility, but it will not offer different rates to different parties competing for the same project.

Customs and Security

The CUF has a Section 15 customs gazetting which allows customs clearance at the site. Offices have been established for use by customs officials to facilitate the receipt and bonding of project materials. The CUF Port Security Plan is fully approved by Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS) and compliant with International Maritime Organisation (IMO) requirements.

Minimum Standards

Before approval is given to a party to use the facility, it must demonstrate its commitment to and capability of observing basic health, safety, environment, and employee management standards. More details are provided in the Using the CUF section.