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Marine Fabrication

Fabrication Marine Precinct


The Fabrication Precinct delivers exciting value-add opportunities to Western Australia's significant natural resource and marine sector. Specifically, it provides world-class, multi-purpose facilities for the fabrication, assembly and load-out of pre-assembled units up to 15,000 tonnes for local, national and international projects, creating an exciting range of global engineering and manufacturing options.

Western Australia's  resource, defence and marine sectors continue to experience strong growth with record investments in the order of $135billion either committed or under consideration in the next few years.

To facilitate further industry participation in these major developments, the Western Australian and Federal Governments have funded construction of the Fabrication Precinct at the Australian Marine Complex.

Including the Common User Facility (40 hectares) and the adjoining Fabricators' Area (80 hectares), this world-class infrastructure facility delivers the security and stability of the public sector with the enthusiasm, experience and professionalism of an internationally recognised secure facilities manager.

Adjoining the State's highly successful international Maritime Precinct, a world-class Marine Support Facility, the multi-purpose Support Industry Precinct and the Technology Precinct, the Fabrication Precinct sees Western Australia well placed to service the global trend for modular fabrication, assembly and load-out of pre-assembled units required by the defence, marine, and resource sectors, particularly the oil and gas industry.

Key Features

  • Deep, fully protected harbour
  • Freehold and leasehold industrial sites
  • Extensive common user facilities on waterfront
  • Heavy / wide load road access