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Using the Common User Facility

Using the Common User Facility

The Common User Facility operates a user pays system that enables the users to control their expenditure as required by the phases of their projects utilising the Facility.

Follow these steps to see how your project can benefit from the facilities the CUF has to offer:

  1. Take a look at the Common User Facility Brochure to appreciate the scope and scale of the facilities.
  2. Look in detail at the individual facilities in the Facility Description.
  3. Check out the current Schedule of Rates.
  4. Complete a Enquiry Capture Form and email it to the Facility Manager.

Further details relating to the use of the AMC Common User Facility can be found in Documents and Policies.

The Facility Manager

AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Western Australian asset management company. It has been selected by LandCorp, the Government agency responsible for the overall management of the Australian Marine Complex, to be the facility manager of the Common User Facility. In effect, AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd acts as the agent of LandCorp.

AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd works with the WA State Government to market the facility to national and international groups involved in the naval, mining and oil and gas sectors and to coordinate activities among the various users on-site.

AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd is a WA company which supports the defence and maritime industry by bringing the extensive project management and local Western Australian experience of the Directors - Ivan Bristow, Grant Moffat, Richard Clark and Michael Bailey.

Contacting the Facility Manager

Companies that wish to benefit from using the facilities at the CUF should contact the facility manager, AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd.

AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd personnel, experienced in the construction and operation of Large Made to Order Projects, are available to assist in a number of ways:

  • Assist in the formulation of productivity improving strategies for user projects;
  • Answer questions about the CUF's facilities and commercial principles to supplement information that is available on this website;
  • Indicate the availability of the different CUF facilities;
  • Provide presentations of the capabilities of the CUF and conduct site tours to both users and their clients;
  • Explain policies and requirements associated with health, safety, environment, operations and employee management for the facility; and
  • Suggest local contacts to help companies do business at the facility.

When a company has evaluated the CUF and wishes to lease all or part of the CUF, it will advise AMC Management Pty Ltd and a User Agreement will be prepared. The User Agreement defines the commercial relationship between LandCorp, AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd (LandCorp's agent for the operation of the CUF) and the company wishing to use the CUF.

Apart from the normal liabilities, it will also define the specific facilities the company wishes to lease, the duration of the use and the schedule of rates to apply to the lease.

Before a lease is approved or a company has access to the facility, the User Agreement must be approved and it is necessary for the company to demonstrate that it has satisfactory occupational health and safety, environment and employee management plans in place.

Key principles associated with access to the facility are defined in the User Access Management Plan.

Thank you for your interest in the Common User Facility.

For further information or assistance, contact:

Jonathan Smith, General Manager
Gordon Milner, Business Development Manager

AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd
124 Quill Way
Henderson WA 6166
T: +61 8 9437 0500
F: +61 8 9437 0555