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Employment & Training

Employment and Training


Above average economic growth in Western Australia over the past 15 years has ensured strong labour market conditions. Employment growth has averaged 2.3% per annum over the past 15 years, compared to 1.6% nationally.

Western Australian industries recording the largest employment growth in 2005 – 06 were utilities (6.9%), mining (5.9%) and construction (5.5%).


Western Australian companies are leading the world when it comes to developing the workforce skills and the technology required to be industry leaders. They are focused on boosting production through automation and the rapid adoption of new technology, along with the skills through apprenticeships and training.

As a result of a variety of skilling initiatives taken by the State Government, universities, training providers, industry associations and companies, Western Australia has:

  • Increased the number of apprentices and trainees by 60% since 2001, double the national average of 30%;
  • A record 32,225 people in apprenticeships and traineeships;
  • 51% of apprentices and trainees in traditional apprenticeships – such as metal fabrication, welding, fitting and turning – compared to 36% nationally;
  • Growth rates in this segment of the apprenticeship programme of 36%, compared to 14% nationally;
  • 43% of apprentices and trainees under 19 years, compared to the national average of 31%;
  • Increased skilled migration of 50% in the past year with metal fabricators, welders, fitters and mechanical engineers among the top occupations.

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